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"I believe my dear that love is an involuntary passion, that it is an essential ingredient in matrimonial happiness, and that that voyage ought never be undertaken without a sufficient stock of that indispensable article." 

- Horace Andrew Wadsworth, Grandfather of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in a letter to his daughter before she married and had her son.



The poem, MAINE, was written by Lester Hart and published in The Maine Book in 1920. The words were later paired with music by Herbert R. Fisher and the song was submitted in 1932 to the Maine Publicity Bureau which conducted a contest to choose a song for the State. Radio listeners selected it as one of the four best songs from over a hundred entrants.

Once during our courtship, Banning took me sleigh riding. The sleigh turned over dumping us into the snow. An old lady, friend of ours, said "that is a sure sign you will get married."

 - Georgia Gilkey Blanchard, who after corresponding for years, became engaged and married within one week to Phineas Banning Blanchard in Searsport (1906). Blanchard was a sea captain, as was Georgia's father.

Wedding photo from Sugarloaf Mountain courtesy of Maine Mountain Media.