Shape of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ preparing to film

+ preparing to interview

+ filming and interviewing later in the week

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week: Ears & Eyes, Throat & Chest

I had a great to-do list last week. It was organized, ambitious good work I was excited to do. Now it’s Sunday. And I still have it, in all its great undone to-do-ness.  

I heard “it’s going around,” but the muck stopped here: in my ears, eyes, throat and chest, mucking up my week and preserving my to-do list. I had no energy in the evenings to work on my neatly bulleted film, website and writing tasks. 

Normally, that would have driven me wild. My calendar is full of self-imposed deadlines that rely on the weekly execution of self-imposed to-do lists. I have no time for muck! 

But since muck took over my body clock, I had to rethink the week.

Things weren’t going to get done, but did I have to get wild about it? 

I’m the one who puts the bullets in front of the to-do items and gives them the sense of urgency. In actuality, most of those organized, ambitious good work to-do’s wait patiently to be done.  

That makes getting wild with self-imposed fret and frustration seem like a waste of time and energy. And very mucky. 

Onward with last week’s great to-do list!