Shape of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ logging photos and film footage from Aroostook County trip

+ prepping for next road trip/working on story ideas

+ writing story feature for new website

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week: Traveling Companions Near the Top of the State

You’re in your car, driving alone. Familiar buildings and places pass by but you hardly notice because you’re thinking about everything and anything and nothing mixed in with whatever you’re listening to. 

Outside of town you start noticing that things look unfamiliar. You gradually stop thinking about everything and anything and nothing. You realize you’ve never driven out here before. There are fewer and fewer cars. There are more trees. Less houses. More woods. You turn the radio down. You start paying more attention. You’re unsure of these surroundings. You become more aware of you. In the car. Alone. 

You’ve driven out of your comfort zone and shifted into a different gear.

That’s where I was last week driving north of Caribou, Maine into new territory I’d never traveled before. It was raining and my windshield wipers weren’t clearing the water fast enough for me to see and process the unfamiliar. I started feeling that feeling of unease. Vulnerability. Fear of the unknown. Fortunately, I drove out of it after a few miles. 

The scenery shifted me into another gear. Bright green grasses against early fall colors on farmlands and woodlands were so vibrant, they cheered me up. I saw tractors and potato stands and starting wondering about the people who live and care for the wild and tamed textures of the land. After 20 miles, there was a left hand turn in the road, and suddenly I was aware of others…in cars and trucks driving parallel to me on a road across a river. I could see buildings over there and then a big huge church! And soon more buildings and another church! I realized it was Canada and that my traveling companion was the Saint John River.

When I arrived in Madawaska, I had to find my way to the river, get out of the car and get closer to the colors and the textures where the two countries meet. At 5,525 miles, the border between the United States and Canada is the longest in the world. In this beautiful place, it’s like a seamless kiss in the river. 

I love Maine for its geography and its space to explore, be vulnerable, discover, think and learn.

This week’s Shape Of Love is the stretch of road between Caribou and Madawaska for giving me the experience and practice of moving through trepidation to curiosity to discovery. What a beautiful ride.