Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ preparing for a very unique filming experience scheduled for this coming weekend

+ researching love story leads in Waldo and Oxford Counties

+ pruning the synopsis of the film

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week: The Sting, The Ache & The Shut-Down

When David Ortiz retired in 2016, I wrote about my passion for the Red Sox. Those words live in two blog posts on The Home Road’s website (scroll down to September 25, 2016 for part one and October 2 for part two). That passion lives with me; an enduring companion that’s moved with me, grown with me and longed, lost and loved with me.

On Friday night, at 3:30 am when the Red Sox lost Game 3 of the World Series in the bottom of the 18th inning on a walk-off home run by the Dodgers’ first baseman, I was awake. I felt the sting, I felt the ache and then I powered down. Shut the game off, shut myself off, and tried to sleep it off.

Oh my, that sting felt familiar. As tired as I was, I immediately traveled back in time to October 16, 2003 when the Red Sox lost to the Yankees in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series in the bottom of the 11th inning. That night I had twisted myself into every superstitious position possible, crossing fingers, arms, legs, and even toes. When they lost, I threw my socks at the bad tv and then I backed away from the tv like a crab…at a party. I left without speaking. The sting. The ache. The shut down.

That contorted me, barefoot and backing away, was the shape of loss but also the shape of love. Loving will twist you in knots from time to time, but I just assume not lose, though…tonight. Go Sox!

Photo: The 1916 Red Sox who beat the Brooklyn Robins (forefathers of the Los Angeles Dodgers) the last time the two franchises met in a World Series.