Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

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PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week: The Hawk Outside the Window

I read a quote about love being what you pay attention to.  There’s a hawk visiting the yard. When I see it, I give it my attention. Earlier today, I saw it out the third floor window. It was high up in a tree, higher than me. It was on a branch sticking out to the left. If the branch was a hand on a clock, the hawk was at 10:30. Coincidentally, it was 10:30 when I gave it my attention. 

The thing is, the hawk doesn’t ask for my attention. I give it my attention like I’d give a celebrity my attention. I suppose the hawk is a celebrity of sorts around the yard.  It has presence. It barely has to move, and I’m moved…starstruck, wondering what it sees and what it’s going to do. It looks down, it looks left, and right. I want to know what gets its attention. Is it a mouse in the field below? A bird? Does it see an egg it wants? Is it going to dive?

What are you going to do, hawk? I’m giving you my attention! Are you going to do something?

I gave the hawk outside the window my undivided attention for fifteen minutes. Then I started writing this blog. I divided my attention between the computer screen and the window; these words, that hawk; contemplation, curiosity. I looked back and forth. My attention started to feel like addiction. I wanted something. Move, hawk, please… make… a move.


Maybe the hawk knew it had my attention. And wanted to keep it. 

My attention waned the longer the hawk sat in the rain on the branch, time for me to wonder Was I really giving my attention to the hawk?  Or was it to the anticipated movement of the hawk…to a pay-off I expected?

The hawk in the tree outside the window sat at 10:30 until at least 2:30 pm. That’s when the person inside the window decided it was time to get up and take a walk. 

That quote about love being what you pay attention to…I need to give it more attention. In the meantime, this week’s shape of love is my window.

Photo: When I left to take my walk.