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PHOTO and notso-QUICK PONDER of the Week: Walking In the Woods with Mary Oliver

I had never heard of Mary Oliver until the fall of 2013, when I saw her name attached by a hyphen to a poem my friend sent me in an email.  It was a transitional and uncertain time in my life, and my ideas and definitions of what was…weren’t. Or they weren’t going to be for very long. And what was ahead was incalculable to scale.  It was like trying to climb a ladder with rungs hard to come by and realizing, as I looked around for them, I don’t even know what my ladder is propped up against.   

It was a disorienting time.

But then there were these words, sent by a friend, written by Mary. She had written words while walking around in the woods, somewhat disoriented herself, “saved by poetry and the beauty of the world.”

“Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, / the world offers itself to your imagination, / calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — / over and over announcing your place / in the family of things.”  –  Mary Oliver (from Wild Geese)

Mary moved on this week at the age of 83. A trail-blazer and wanderer of woods, words and wisdom, she made pathways with her pencil and gave companionship through her poems and prose.  She held out her hand and demonstrated through her decades of work that it’s ok to be lost and found in the woods at the same time. It might be the very best way to be.

Perhaps not coincidentally this week, Dad and I spent Wednesday afternoon in the North Wing of the Augusta Civic Center with the Maine Woodland Owners group. They had invited us to show The Home Road film as part of their annual meeting and forestry forum. 

Here’s to walking in the woods and the wilderness of creation. 

To hear Mary Oliver reading Wild Geese in its entirely (just over a minute long) click HERE or above.

For a deep dive, here’s a rare interview of Mary Oliver from 2015 (almost an hour) from the On Being podcast (HERE, then hit the arrow next to “Play Episode”). You can also read the transcript of the interview on the page if you prefer.