Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ Pruning the film synopsis

+ Getting ready for an unusually cool winter shoot

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week:  Rooting, Rooted in Love

This week I met with a friend to talk about the movie. She’s going to be in the movie, so what’s the thing they say on tv or radio…spoiler alert? It’s probably more accurate to say semi-spoiler alert, as it’s a window-look in on a much bigger story, like a scene from a movie trailer. 


Sunday football games are a family affair, full of tradition and ritual. Gathering for games remains a sacred passion. Only, my friend’s husband isn’t there in body anymore to root on the team. He died a passionate man, in January of 2011. He had cancer.

In the years of Sundays since they lost him, he is still every bit a part of every scoring drive. The family high fives one another and double high fives the ceiling. Handprints to heaven, it’s a mosaic of love, a victory of spirit in the team of family.

Photo credit: Georgia Tech Library, 1921 Thanksgiving Day game.