Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ Planning a Shape Of Love research day in last week of February

+ Organizing archive photos – tagging and categorizing for possible use in film

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week:  Valentine’s Day Love in the Mail

I was walking through a salvage store a few months ago when Auntie Ethel and her capital letters stopped me. In my hands, it didn’t take long for the card to have me; I had to have it, and $8 later, we were an item. I still adore it. I love its colors and its shapes. I love that the card’s frilly expression of love:

You are juggling little maid

with my heart, I am afraid;

But if mine’s the only one,

You are welcome to your fun.

is followed by Auntie Ethel’s fundamental expression: WITH LOVE. And she used a period, not a comma.

This card packs a punch the more you unpack it.

When you turn it over, you see that it was postmarked on Valentine’s Day, 1905 in Boston, and was addressed to a Miss Ethel in Mechanic Falls. I wonder if Miss Ethel was named after AUNTIE ETHEL. I wonder how big Ethel and little Ethel spent Valentine’s Day that year in their two very different places; one in a big bustling city and the other in a small town requiring no street address to make it to its recipient.

I hope this 114-year-old shape of love makes you smile! Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day with treasures you adore.