Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ Looking at flight footage and listening to audio from film scouting mission in Knox County

+ Researching ideas for the next time I’m in the plane over Maine

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week:  Focus and Freedom at 2000 Feet

On a Shape Of Love film scouting mission out of Owl’s Head, Maine, I got to fly in the sky in a Piper Super Cub plane. 

First of all: Wow. 

What a way to experience the sky, and the land, and the space between them. 

My pilot, Jeremy, took me up over the ocean and islands and lakes, ponds and lands of Knox County. We were flying with two other planes and there was so much to see, I wanted to be an owl over Owl’s Head so I could swivel around and see everything faster. 

After 8 minutes in the air, Jeremy landed us so softly on a pond I told him I’ve thudded my head harder on a pillow. This time of year, the Piper Super Cub has wheels and skis on it and he can switch depending on what kind of ground is below him. This was a snow-covered pond and we skiied in like a feather. 

A few minutes later, we were up in the air again until Jeremy eyed another place that looked interesting and brought us down for a look. It was a snowy lake and we waved to the people ice fishing, but this time we only kissed the ground and took off again, which kind of felt like flirting with the land to me as we went back in the sky. 

It was an incredible feeling of freedom in that Cub plane, almost like dancing with the sky and the earth, yet it was a very intimate space, sort of like riding on the back of a motorcycle over beautiful terrain…only a couple thousand feet in the air. 

I’ve known Jeremy since he was a kid drawing pictures of planes and have seen him grow up with his passion and revere for flight. He’s been a professional pilot for years now, but the kid in him is still present, co-piloting every moment and maneuver.

The kid in me thought seeing Maine all dressed up for winter and skiing in on it in a plane was one of the coolest things ever and is very excited to try it on floats this summer when the water-skiing is good.

This shape of love – wings in the sky over Maine – is a source of several storylines in the film, including Jeremy’s.