Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ Scouting a film location in York County

+ Working on story timelines

PHOTO and QUICK PONDER of the Week:  Sounds of Spring

If Spring had a Twelve Days of Christmas, it would have crescendoed with “12 lambies baaaaaaaah-ing” at Lily Brook Farm in Hollis, Maine today. It’s lambing season and I got to meet the dozen new arrivals and watch them run around and jump, almost popping off the ground as they played and explored. All of the Scottish Highlands sheep have given birth but there are two Cormos, an Australian sheep breed, waiting to deliver. Emma and Pearl looked very wide and very ready, but the “12 lambies baaaaaaaah-ing” lyric lived to be sung another day without the arrival of #13 and #14.

This is my second spring to visit “Lamb Camp” at Lily Brook Farm. There are many looks to the shape of love between the Moms and their babies and within the community of sheep. The lambs are generally very sweet but watching them almost hurl themselves onto their Moms when they want a drink – sometimes with a running head start, and knowing how fast the little barrelers grow – made me feel for the Moms! That said, there was some tough love being practiced by a few of those Mama sheep!

I’ll be back at the farm later this week and will update this post if Emma and/or Pearl have a change in their shapes and loves!

Beso says it’s been a busy lambing season!