Shape Of Love NOW – This week in movie-making

+ Reading from the letters of Fannie Hardy Eckstorm

+ Logging footage from Lincoln County visit

+ Readying for busy summer

It’s been no surprise that summer’s coming. But all of a sudden, I’m wedged into short sleeves and shorts standing at the crossroads of summer-clothes-and-winter-body. It’s an awkward annual reunion and inventory: oh hey, I remember you; how do you fit; how do I feel. 

I feel weird. Like I should have done a dress rehearsal for this day two or three months ago. I think a lot of people do rehearse when they take a winter vacation somewhere warm. I did not do that. So today is the day I crawl out of the three seasons of layers for the first time (officially) and face the weather I’ve said (officially) I can’t wait for. 

I can simultaneously be happy feeling the sun on my 30-spf’d skin and be sad missing my layers. June’s a month of juxtaposition in Maine. If the intersection of weather and wardrobe doesn’t prove it, how about those Bruins still skating as the boys of summer sweat?

(Go B’s! This entry posted while the NHL’s Stanley Cup still up for grabs).