Maine becomes the 23rd State

Shape Of Love: 200 Years In Maine is a documentary film in production. The film looks at love within the timeframe of 1820-2020 using stories and imagery from all 16 Maine counties. Whether it's love of another; love of land, water, animals, or place; or love of doing and being; the film explores how it's felt, practiced and expressed in Maine. Shape of Love: 200 Years In Maine is in production through 2020 and will be released in celebration of the State's Bicentennial.



Maine celebrates 200 years

Tonya Shevenell, filmmakerTonya Shevenell Maine filmmaker

Filmmaker - Tonya Shevenell

Portland, Maine native Tonya Shevenell formed Home Ice Productions, LLC in 2014 and created her first feature length documentary film, The Home Road (2017). A story about two pioneering journeys from Canada to Maine, it has been shown on Maine Public television and in theaters, libraries, LL Bean, colleges and other settings.

Tonya also produced a short documentary on Kenyan sculptor, Irene Wanjiru, while she was in Maine on an arts residency along the Sheepscot River.

In addition to her work on the Shape Of Love film, Tonya enjoys playing bass guitar, following her favorite baseball and hockey teams, spending time with family and writing about life in Maine, love in Maine and making things like films in Maine.

To read current blogs, visit the Blog page or stop by the general store of her imaginary hometown of Malibu Maine sometime.

Maine Bicentennial

A sister website to Shape Of Love

The State of Maine celebrates its Bicentennial in 2020, and leading up to it and throughout the celebratory year, you can visit our sister website for news, stories, events, links to resources and great Maine Bicentennial goods and wares! Visit www.mainebicentennial.com.

On Location: A Shape Of Love Scouting Trip

Canton, Maine - Oxford County - SPRING

Filmmaker Notes: I traveled to Oxford County on  as Spring burst from its slow start just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The lilacs in the wind and my skin remembering what it feels like to be in the sun made me feel like I was waking up after an extended winter. It felt right and good to be in Canton, Maine, the eastern most point of Oxford County, for my first visit. Thanks to Phyllis Ouellette, the Canton Historical Society and everyone I met for making me feel so at home.