On Location

Celebrating Summer Romance

She was visiting for the summer and met him at the lake. It was goose bumps and sun. It was moon and stars and skin. It was out of the ordinary.

It was a summer romance.

Maine has got to be one of the best settings on earth for a summer romance. How many hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) has Maine hosted over the last 200 years…from stories like this one at a summer camp, to hometown love stories to visitor meets local in an idyllic Maine place for a peak season romance.

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Weekly Now – Sounds of Spring

If Spring had a Twelve Days of Christmas, it would have crescendoed with “12 lambies baaaaaaaah-ing” at Lily Brook Farm in Hollis, Maine today. It’s lambing season and I got to meet the dozen new arrivals and watch them run around and jump, almost popping off the ground as they played and explored.

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Weekly Now – October 7, 2018

It was another action-packed Washington County weekend, bookended by two colorful experiences: filming a passionate game of farkle on Friday and photographing foliage in blueberry barrens on Sunday. I’d never heard of farkle, a dice game of “guts and luck” before, nor had I ever seen carpets of color like this that made my eyes feel lucky.

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Weekly Now – August 12, 2018

Shape Of Love NOW: This week in movie-making + logging media and coding and tagging notes from Washington County interviews (ongoing from last week) + prepping questions/topics for upcoming interview in Piscataquis County + starting tutorials to learn a new (to me) editing software PHOTO and  QUICK PONDER of the […]

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