Shape Of Love: 200 Years In Maine looks at the ways love has been expressed through stories from all sixteen Maine counties, from Statehood in 1820 to the Bicentennial in 2020.

In the process of finding and sharing these stories, the film also looks at the State of Love and how vital its practice is to our lives and well-being.

Growing up in Maine is a life-long passion and l learn every day from the people and places I am fortunate to know as well as those I meet along the way. When I started working on this film idea in the early fall of 2017, the premise of Love and Maine over Time opened doors to me, literally and figuratively. The name of the film felt like it was waiting for me to notice it.  Now it's a lens I try to use every day. When you're looking for the shape of love, you see it a lot more often. 

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